2 thoughts on “sermon from Revelation 22:12-21 ~ “At the End of the Day”

  1. Hello, Rev. John! I suspect you were the person who contacted me briefly with a reminder of Homer and the old cab driving days. If so, I really would like to correspond a bit as we have time and energy. If not, the same still applies! As you may know (if the first eventuality applies) I am working for a home schooling organization; 24 years now. My articles on icons also appear in Inside the Vatican magazine. I have occasionally looked you up and am a bit puzzled that you ended up with the Presbyterians rather than the Lutherans. I am Catholic, although I have switched rites to the Byzantine branch. A group of us are busy now with trying to establish a parish here in Front Royal. But ecclesiological issues can be deferred for now. I’d love to hear back from you!

    Bob Wiesner

    • Bob,I do remember you from our cab-driving days. Useful experience,and fun sometimes.

      Yup, I’m Presbyterian, but have always been so; grew up at 1st Pres in Boulder. I’m Catholic, too, just Pres-style. Where’s Front Royal?

      God’s Best, John

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